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Chapter 6 Configuration and Tuning

Written by Chern Lee. Based on a tutorial written by Mike Smith. Also based on tuning(7) written by Matt Dillon.

6.1 Synopsis

One of the important aspects of FreeBSD is system configuration. Correct system configuration will help prevent headaches during future upgrades. This chapter will explain much of the FreeBSD configuration process, including some of the parameters which can be set to tune a FreeBSD system.

After reading this chapter, you will know:

  • How to efficiently work with file systems and swap partitions.

  • The basics of rc.conf configuration and /usr/local/etc/rc.d startup systems.

  • How to configure and test a network card.

  • How to configure virtual hosts on your network devices.

  • How to use the various configuration files in /etc.

  • How to tune FreeBSD using sysctl variables.

  • How to tune disk performance and modify kernel limitations.

Before reading this chapter, you should:

  • Understand UNIX® and FreeBSD basics (Chapter 3).

  • Be familiar with keeping FreeBSD sources up to date (Chapter 21), and the basics of kernel configuration/compilation (Chapter 9).





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