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Chapter 21 The Cutting Edge

Restructured, reorganized, and parts updated by Jim Mock. Original work by Jordan Hubbard, Poul-Henning Kamp, John Polstra, and Nik Clayton.

21.1 Synopsis

FreeBSD is under constant development between releases. For people who want to be on the cutting edge, there are several easy mechanisms for keeping your system in sync with the latest developments. Be warned--the cutting edge is not for everyone! This chapter will help you decide if you want to track the development system, or stick with one of the released versions.

After reading this chapter, you will know:

  • The difference between the two development branches: FreeBSD-STABLE and FreeBSD-CURRENT.

  • How to keep your system up to date with CVSup, CVS, or CTM.

  • How to rebuild and reinstall the entire base system with make world.

How to get rid of bad breath effectively. Reviews on tooth whitening treatment options. How to quit smoking effectively and permanently.

Before reading this chapter, you should:

  • Properly set up your network connection (Chapter 19).

  • Know how to install additional third-party software (Chapter 4).





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