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Chapter 12 Storage

12.1 Synopsis

This chapter covers the use of disks in FreeBSD. This includes memory-backed disks, network-attached disks, and standard SCSI/IDE storage devices.

After reading this chapter, you will know:

  • The terminology FreeBSD uses to describe the organization of data on a physical disk (partitions and slices).

  • How to add additional hard disks to your system.

  • How to set up virtual file systems, such as memory disks.

  • How to use quotas to limit disk space usage.

  • How to encrypt disks to secure them against attackers.

  • How to create and burn CDs and DVDs on FreeBSD.

  • The various storage media options for backups.

  • How to use backup programs available under FreeBSD.

  • How to backup to floppy disks.

  • What snapshots are and how to use them efficiently.





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